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Shigeo Fukuda


Posted by: Timothy K. After Raine had posted about shadow pictures, it reminded me of another artist/designer from Japan named Shigeo Fukuda. I guess they like their shadows. This last image is a bunch of junk that at the right angle, looks like a piano in a window! Shigeo Fukuda is also known for his […]



Posted by: Raine I’m going to jump onto the Obama craze because he is a) much more exciting than Harper and/or any of the other Canadian prime minesterial (is that a word) candidates of this past election and b) because there is an amazing paper-toy in his honour that you can print out, cut, fold, […]

shadow pictures


Posted by: Raine (Sorry for the lack of posts, we really got lost in schoolwork this past week!) Check out this remarkable installation by Kumi Yamashita from Japan. This blew my mind a little. Check out some of her other work, too. She does some great portraits made with rubbings (remember when you used to […]

Mandate 1: an authoritative command ; especially : a formal order from a superior court or official to an inferior one 2: an authorization to act given to a representative <accepted the mandate of the people 3 a: an order or commission granted by the League of Nations to a member nation for the establishment of a responsible government over a former German colony or […]

i like this.


Posted by: Raine What would I like to do before I die… this is an intriguing thought and I have to admit I was loving people’s responses AND the fact that they were written on polariods! Check it out.

origami this!


Posted by: Raine I have no words. more work here

Posted by: Nae After experiencing the pure excellence that was Hey Ocean! last night, I felt that I should pay some homage to the great sounds we get here in Canada. Hey Ocean! blew my mind last night. They are great performers, with great stage presence and they are super energetic! Their music is super […]