Look! We are now blaahging!


A momentous… moment! It is official, our little dream of having a blog all to ourselves to reveal to the world our inner geeks is now a reality.

Was this a product of my amazing procrastinating abilities? Perhaps, but who cares, because now at least we will be able to put our procrastination to good use in collecting delightful tidbits of imagery and inspiration from around the internet. And maybe someday, we’ll have followers who aren’t us.



3 Responses to “Look! We are now blaahging!”

  1. 1 Esther

    shineady? is this your bloggy?

  2. 2 raineplayfair

    it’s actually a collab between me (raine), shinead, and tim so far… with maybe more to come. we felt like we needed an outlet for our time well wasted.

  3. 3 Esther

    Oh, me likes it 😉

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