He speaks so… vernacularily!


We are looking for ideas in regards to who our keynote speaker might be in May. Last year was the great Stefan Sagmeister, whom Shinead, Tim, Aileen and I were lucky enough to get a picture with. (We also discussed scuba diving in giant tanks). But that is besides the point.

Ken asked me to ask you guys who you would like to see. So if you could leave your ideas of the perfect presenter in the comments, we can relay the info to him and hopefully come up with a brilliant speaker! And if you are not in GDMA but are reading this anyway (in that case, how exciting! we have outside visitors!) then we would still like to hear your thoughts.

We’re looking for any suggestions, although closer to home would be nice. But maybe name a couple of options, like the ideal but maybe a little far-fetched, the close to home and much easier to arrange, and the family friend who you think is amazing. (Please feel free to stray from these suggestions, especially the family friend who you think is amazing – not that we don’t love your family friends and think they are very talented but unless they are actually involved in the design industry we probably don’t need to hear from them at our grad show).

Cool! Lets get the comments going!


6 Responses to “He speaks so… vernacularily!”

  1. 1 Nick

    Someone I’ve been following lately: it would be pretty cool to get the outspoken Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company (http://www.draplin.com/)

    It would certainly fill the swearing quotient started by Sagmeister last year: http://vimeo.com/1465284

  2. 2 Carly

    I really enjoy Douglas Coupland, he’s local and an interesting speaker. I also have a tiny infatuation with him and his work.

  3. Just at the top of my head I say…
    get Louis Gagnon, except I’m not sure how well his English is…
    hmm…there is Zak Mroueh, named Canadian creative director of the year

    …and a little far-fetched perhaps Erik Speikermann
    …and as nick suggested, Aaron Draplin would be fun to hear

  4. Rumour is that a certain English GDMA coordinator once taught a certain Helevetica-loving, Gen-X-writing, jPod-producing fellow already mentioned here, but you didn’t hear it from me…

  5. 5 Timothy K.

    I had a thought on the tip of my tongue the other day but couldn’t get it out. I’ve just remembered.

    I think it would be cool to have Steve Sandstrom from Sandstrom Partners. They’ve done some great work, including the branding for TAZO tea, Converse and quite a few beer projects… And you know how I feel about beer!

    Take a swig: http://www.sandstromdesign.com

  6. 6 Raine

    Aaron Draplin would be amaaaaaazing to see. Amaaaazing. One time I saw one of his posters at home, and I should have stolen it off the wall. I am now sad about it. And if he comes, I hope he brings Gary.

    Robynne Raye slash Michael Strassberger slash anyone from Modern Dog Design Co. in Seattle would be sweet, too. The folks down there seem to have great senses of humor, and who can resist great poster design.

    Hmm. I’m sure I’ll think of more.

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