never forget…


Posted by: Raine

I realise that there is a lot of controversy about this little guy, as the original tagger has been ripped off and is having his tag sold as t-shirts, mugs, etc., online all over, but I was thinking about Granville Island the other day (kudos to Cristy for giving me a lift on her way there) and therefore began thinking about this little tag, which can be found in many locations around Vancouver, but I first saw him on Granville Island (which isn’t really an island, is it? Why do we call it one? Vancouver baffles me).

So anyway, just wanted to throw out a little hurrah to whomever came up with this brilliant little guerrilla dinosaur rememberance campaign because I think it’s brilliant. And thanks to this flickr user who so generously put this photo on the internet.

PS. Is it kosher to use someone’s flickr photo in a post? If it’s not, and someone’s mad, let me know, and I’ll take it down. I’m new to this whole blaahging thing.


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