Seriously, writing titles is hard


Posted by: Raine

Maybe you’ve all been following The Superest for a while already, or perhaps it was mentioned on some other blog that is much more witty than this one, but I’ve been loving Kevin Cornell’s style for quite some time (and was even given a copy of his book, The Bearskinrug Swap Meat Scrapbook, which is amazing, by the way, although unfortunately sold out). So anyway, we’ve established that I love his illustrations, and I also love superheros (which we did not establish, but I am telling you now). So what better than to mix the two!? It’s a ongoing internet sketch-off, in which superheros are drawn to trump the previous superhero drawn. Don’t get it? Check it out.

You see, the All You Can Eat Buffet defeats the Hourglass of Hate!

It’s really better to just go to the site and check it out. It features mostly the work of Kevin Cornell and Matt Sutter, but sometimes has guest artists, as well.


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