This just in! Smiley Face Pepsi?


Posted by: Shinead

I first saw this on BrandNew and did not really know what to think about it. Pepsi announced its big rebranding project this week and this logo re-do leaked on to the internet and all over the blogs. The preliminary logo mark was done by The Arnell Group (NY).

Here is a little blurb from explaining the rebrand:

PepsiCo today said it will pour some $1.2 billion over three years into a push that will include sweeping changes to its brands, including what Chairman-CEO Indra Nooyi characterized as a revamp of “every aspect of the brand proposition for our key [carbonated soft drink] brands. How they look, how they’re packaged, how they will be merchandised on the shelves, and how they connect with consumers.”

The white band in the middle of the logo will now loosely form a series of smiles. A “smile” will characterize brand Pepsi, while a “grin” is used for Diet Pepsi and a “laugh” is used for Pepsi Max. Also, Mountain Dew will be rebranded as Mtn Dew. The news was first reported in Beverage Digest.


4 Responses to “This just in! Smiley Face Pepsi?”

  1. 1 raineplayfair

    crazy! brandnew, what a great blog. did you know that kwantlen was featured on it!? and notably bashed for the redesigned crest, i might add.

    ps. is it weird to comment when i’m an admin?

  2. 2 Jo

    the asymmetry of the logo itself makes me feel uneasy. :S
    however, after looking at the logo being used in context, i think it might potentially work…maybe.
    Won’t make me buy it though, i’ll always be devoted to my Coke.

  3. Yeh I saw this, the final version will be something similar as this design is still sitting in the patent offices in the US. I must say, I do kinda like the new symbol, but the wordmark needs work. Specially the “e”, it looks demented. As part of rebranding Pepsi, the other product lines are also being rebranded. Mountain Dew is OK, not quiet there yet though, and they completely blew it with Gatorade’s brand redesign. Hope they take everyone’s comments from “underconsideration’s brand new” site into account before they finalize the identities.

  4. 4 raineplayfair

    ok so seeing as I didn’t comment about this actual post last time, I’m going to leave a second, more relevant comment.

    If you look at, you can get a better sense of where they’re going with this. And frankly, I think they’re going to need to do some more work before they can put this on the shelves. I can understand the need for a brand update, and I can even understand their thinking behind the whole thing (cleaner, simpler, etc.) but it does not feel new and exciting to me, and I don’t feel like the execution is really that great either. Although maybe these images were part of their concept roughs and they are planning to do a whole lot more to the project before it’s launched. So for now, I’m going to give Pepsi the benefit of the doubt, and hope that they clean it up (and at the very least take away the gaussian blur x 20 for Sierra Mist) before it’s released.

    That all being said, I do feel like the Pepsi smile concept could work, but I’d like to see the whole campaign as a whole before I comment any further.

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