Good Canadian Tunes.


Posted by: Nae

After experiencing the pure excellence that was Hey Ocean! last night, I felt that I should pay some homage to the great sounds we get here in Canada. Hey Ocean! blew my mind last night. They are great performers, with great stage presence and they are super energetic! Their music is super funky and great to dance to. Ashleigh Bell whipped out the coolest instruments on stage: the flute, the cow bell, the tambourine, the harmonica, and the glockenspiel! Hey Ocean! always has amazing cover art too, which made me like them even more!

So then I decided to put together a list of indie Canadian musicians and bands, from the west coast to the east coast, that I have become fans of:

Vancouver: Hey Ocean!

They just played here. So if you missed it…too bad. You missed the musical definition of awesome.

Edmonton: Shout Out Out Out Out

They don’t have a fixed date for Vancouver. If I find out I will comment on my own post and let the masses know.

Saskatoon: Jiminy

I had the pleasure of meeting these guys this summer and they are fabulous! Great performers and more importantly, great people! And they also have a glockenspiel. They are coming here soon. Ok thats a lie, but now that it’s on the internet…they may have no choice.

Winnipeg: Moses Mayes

These guys are playing the Media Club on Nov. 7th. Woo!


I missed these guys when they came to Vancouver. It still brings a tear to my eye.

Montreal: Sam Roberts Band

Sam Roberts is playing on Jan 10th at the Orpheum! I am definitely planning on checking this show out. The new album is great so I think it’s safe to say the concert will be stellar too!

Halifax: Matt Mays & El Torpedo

These guys are playing Oct 25th at the Commodore. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the concert, but if any one goes, let me know how it goes!


One Response to “Good Canadian Tunes.”

  1. 1 Timothy K.

    Passus and I went to the Shout Out Out Out Out show at Richard’s a while back.
    We were intoxicated. The two drum sets and three bass guitars created a wall of sound that only amplified our inebriation.

    Then Passus almost got into a fight on Granville street LOL.

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