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So here I am writing my marketing paper and I come across this word in an article i found in the NY times. This word really made me feel like there is a silver lining to every thing and that people will continue to make up silly things even in the roughest of times. Recessionista. […]

Here we have another screen printing post, this time on T shirts. Tim and I deceided to print a shirt and film it for our video class and doument the process from pattern making to printing. I created this pattern based on some concept packaging I did last year. We thought it would be pretty […]

Excuse us for our lack of posts. We are on the verge of exploding.  But we still love you,   Blaahgers.



Posted by: Raine Here’s another thing I’m going to do to Vancouver while in my ninja outfit… reverse graffiti! This concept fascinates me. Partially because it looks so stunning but mostly I think because it makes you realise how much grit and grime is coated over cities. But I love that there are people out […]

Posted by: Raine Check out these cool storm drains! I wish we had stuff like this in Vancouver. It would make our frequent rainy days a little more tolerable. The ‘famous artist’ drains made me laugh, too. And I didn’t add it as a pic below, because I’m sure you’ve all seen it already, but […]

I hope you read that in a robot voice. If not, read it over. We love you but we want your input. Cheers, GDMA 4th years

Posted by: Nae Just in case the four of us disappear because crunch time is upon us, I thought I would mention that we love you but we love you even more when you love Blaahg. While we remain scarce for a while, visit I love you but for beautiful illustrations and funny quotes from […]