Creepy Halloween Post


Have you ever wondered if anyone in the world has the same full name as you?

In world containing billions of people, chances are good that if your full name is a common one, someone else may also have it. When I google my name, the search results include Timothy King the surgeon in Carson City, Nevada and Timothy King the banking executive VP in Brooklyn, New York.

This is where is starts to get creepy.

A few months ago I was searching “Timothy King” on google for kicks as well as URL availability when I came across an entry that was not titled “Timothy King”, nor did it have my name in the search blurb. All the title said was:

Oakland County Child Killer

Confused and a bit intrigued, I clicked the link. The synopsis for the entry stated that:

The Oakland County Child Killer was an unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of four or more children in Oakland County, Michigan, United States in 1976 and 1977. The killer was also nicknamed “The Babysitter”, as all four victims had been recently bathed.

One of the killer’s victims was an 11-year old boy named Timothy King.

If you have a weak stomach or prefer not to read about the details of the murder of Timothy King, do not read on.

The website provides a timeline of Timothy’s disappearance, including his cause of death. Summarizing would probably leave out details, so I’ll quote it in full. I’ve bolded certain sentences for extra creepiness.

Timothy King, 11, borrowed 30 cents from his older sister and left his home in Birmingham, skateboard in hand, to buy candy at a drugstore on nearby Maple Road on Wednesday, March 16, 1977, at about 8:30 p.m. He left the store by the rear entrance, which opened to a parking lot shared with a supermarket, and vanished. An intensive search was executed that covered the entire Detroit metropolitan area, and there was widespread media coverage, already heavy with coverage of the previous three slayings. In an emotional television appeal, Timothy’s father, Barry, begged the abductor to release his son unharmed. In a letter printed in the Detroit News, Miriam King wrote that she hoped Timothy could come home soon so she could serve him his favorite meal, Kentucky Fried Chicken. In the late evening hours of March 22, 1977, two teenagers in a car spotted his body in a shallow ditch alongside Gill Road, about 300 feet south of Eight Mile Road in Livonia, just across the county line in Wayne County. His prized skateboard was placed next to his body. His clothing had been neatly pressed and washed. He had been suffocated and sexually assaulted with an object. The postmortem showed that Timothy had eaten fried chicken before he was slain.

As far as I know, the killer was never apprehended. You can view the entry here.

So how’s that for creepiness?

Have a happy halloween!


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