Open Your Eyes – GDMA09 Poster Process (Part 1)


Posted by: Timothy K.

Here is the photographic documentation of the printing of a poster for our GDMAOhNine fundraising effort. Screenprinted black on black, the poster features large and funky 3D lettering that states, “open your eyes.” The cool thing is that in certain lighting, you can’t see the print at all, but at certain angles it reveals itself, reinforcing the metaphor. 

Don’t take things at face value. Look further. Open your eyes.

21.5 x 21.5″
Printed on Black Rising Stonehenge with one decal edge
Edition of 10
All proceeds benefit the GDMA09 fundraiser

I may come by the different classes to see if anyone would like to buy a poster, but feel free to stop me in the hall if you’re interested. 

My vacuum table for printing.


Gotta have a Kozik Smorkin’ Labbit in your workspace!


Detail of the screen stencil.


Stonehenge Rising paper, MMmmMm decal edge.


Setting up 3-point register on press. This ensures the impression lands in the same place for each separate sheet of paper.


First halve of poster being printed. Since the poster is bigger than my screens, I had to split the design. If I hadn’t used 3-point registration, lining up the last line of type would be a nightmare.

Print detail.


2 Responses to “Open Your Eyes – GDMA09 Poster Process (Part 1)”

  1. 1 Esther

    Geebus, great work! And yes, everyone needs a labbit…everyone.

  2. So why not sell these online? How much you want for them?

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