Mark Jenkins: Tape Master


Posted by: Nae

Mark Jenkins is a street/experimental artist who specializes in tape sculptures. He figured out how cool tape sculptures could be as a kid and ever since then has been taping things up, molding and causing a stir with his tape babies, tape people, tape animals and other such tape things. There is not a whole lot of background information on Mark, except for the blurb on how he discovered the art of tape. I didn’t realize it at first, but he was featured in my very first post on Urban Play as well.

Some of the sculptures are dressed up, which I think would have a more dramatic affect on people.

Hanging Babies







One Response to “Mark Jenkins: Tape Master”

  1. 1 raineplayfair

    cool! i’m loving the tape carousel horses (after figuring out how to spell the word carousel it sounds really weird to me now). I would be so excited to see those if i was walking through the forest. I wonder how many 911 calls have been made about the balloon guy in the water? It also seems weird to me that the lady walking by the sculpture in the garbage bag doesn’t even seem phased. Although maybe she walks by it everyday.

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