matrioshka dolls – so hot right now


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Apparently matrioshka dolls are all the rage right now, first appearing in the alcoholic beverage scene and now in the fashion scene. How great are these designer interpretations for the 10th anniversary of Russian Vogue? And the even cooler part – they’re going to be auctioned off for charity. Sweet! Check out the designers’ gallery here.

I’d just like to say that I pretty much drive the matrioshka bandwagon – I bought a set of blank wooden matrioshka’s last christmas for my sister, mom, and me to paint (my dad even got in there). If I remember, I’ll see if I can get a pic and I’ll load it up for all of you to compare with these great designers. (Unfortunately, mine will not be as good). And Shinead, I’ll have you know that my doll is painted in solstice colours.

Is it weird that I continually go off on personal tangents whenever I post? Anyway, without further adieu:



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