my return ball to flippin’ – i suppose i’d call it clickin’


Posted by: Raine

When Shinead posted the flipbook music video, it reminded me of a music video I once saw that uses a similar process – essentially flipping through a bunch of polaroid photos.

Name of artist: Sia – Name of song: Breathe Me.

UPDATE: so apparently the relatively good quality video on youtube doesn’t allow embedding. rather than posting a really shitty quality video in which you can hardly tell what’s going on, I will redirect you. Sorry about that, folks. END OF UPDATE.

I was attempting to post this the other day, but my computer was hating me and therefore wouldn’t let me. But that was actually lucky, because it gave me time to also come across another similar idea to animate stuff – by knitting! And try as I might to look through my history, I can’t remember where I saw the link to this next movie, but I re-found it on youtube for you all to enjoy. And I believe I remember reading that they were from Montreal! Hooray for Canada!

Name of artist: Tricot Machine – Name of song: Les Peaux de Lievres (with an accent grave on the e in lievres, but i can’t remember how to make that).


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