Calling All Creative People



I hope you read that in a robot voice. If not, read it over. We love you but we want your input.


GDMA 4th years


4 Responses to “Calling All Creative People”

  1. 1 raineplayfair

    This could be a single speaker, or we also had the suggestion of a ‘panel’ of (local-er, not as hard to get) speakers to lead more of a discussion rather than a presentation.

    Here are some of the suggestions so far (thanks to those who commented last time!):

    Aaron Draplin
    Douglas Coupland
    Steve Sandstrom
    Louis Gagnon
    Zak Mroueh
    Erik Speikermann
    Any one of the great poster designers from Modern Dog Design Co. in Seattle

  2. I’d love to see the dudes from Cypher13. For a small studio, they’ve acquired some decent clients in the urban, arts, cultural, and entertainment industries. Plus not to mention that they’re cool, young, and unconventional in the way they present themselves.

    Todd Berger, Alex Henry, and Lucian Foehr. Definitely a little different that your average/boring Vancouver studio.

    Check em’ out:

  3. I second Douglas Coupland. I actually just finished reading one of his books and I am hooked.

    Here are some others I came up with…

    Other authors:
    Daniel H. Pink – Author of “A Whole New Mind”
    Seth Godin – Author of “All Marketers Are Liars” and other great marketing reads.
    William McDonough & Michael Braungart – Authors of “Cradle to Cradle”

    From the West:
    Michael Cronan
    Michael Mabry
    Michael Vanderbyl
    Alex Bogusky (Of Crispin Porter & Bogusky)

    From the East:
    Bruce Mau
    Michael Bierut
    Paula Scher
    J. Abbott Miller
    (Or any partner from Pentagram, for that matter)

    Maira Kalman… to talk about her work, and/or her late husband’s

    Or J. Abbott Miller’s wife, Ellen Lupton

    I’d say that’s a thorough enough list.

    PS. People named Michael must make good designers… Or else just really like the West Coast.

  4. 4 Camille Raschpichler

    I’d love to hear from some of the partners at Paprika, Eric Spiekermann or Alejandro Paul.

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