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Here’s another thing I’m going to do to Vancouver while in my ninja outfit… reverse graffiti! This concept fascinates me. Partially because it looks so stunning but mostly I think because it makes you realise how much grit and grime is coated over cities. But I love that there are people out there turning grit into art!

Here’s how it works: you take a dirty wall, and wash parts of it off. Whatever’s clean is part of your picture now.

So first we have Alexandre Orion who uses a white cloth and water to wipe grime off. His site is a little confusing, mostly because my portuguese is very limited, but he seems to have 3 sites under one splash page. His non-graffiti site is Ossario (or just click on the middle image from his splash page). He also seems to do regular graffiit (first image on splash page) or other things in portuguese (last image).



And check out a video of him doing his thing, getting caught, and unfortunately having everything washed away… (which is actually really gross)…

Then we also have Moose (warning: site is unfortunately super slow and therefore annoying, although that may just be my internet right now), an artist who creates his work for personal-ness, charity, and on a commercial basis. The pictures below are from the commercial project “Reverse Graffiti Project” powered by Green Works (an environmentally friendly cleaning product), as well as ads for Capital Radio, and the Crisis campaign to draw attention to homelessness.



And here’s a video that shows a little more about the Green Works mural:


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