My white tshirt, only better.


Here we have another screen printing post, this time on T shirts. Tim and I deceided to print a shirt and film it for our video class and doument the process from pattern making to printing. I created this pattern based on some concept packaging I did last year. We thought it would be pretty cool on T shirts. I also got the oppertunity to learn a ton on screen printing, which usually just went straight over my head!

Tim creating this screen from the pattern, its approximately 10X16 inches.


Then the pattern went on to the press to get the screen registered. (I hope I’m explaining this right, if not, Tim: Correct me in big bold red type!)


Once the screen was register he poured the ink on the screen and flooded it back.
Flood: To fill the screen with ink before printing by lifting it and pushing the in downward.


Then the printing started! This picture does not give the difficulty of screen printing justice. Its not easy,  but oh so much fun!




Tim printed two coats on the white (and three on the black?) and voila! The first t shirt was complete!
To the right is a detail of the pattern. He had a few extra ladies’ t shirts lying around (that sounded better in my head) they were t shirts meant for ladies..not belonging to ladies…and we decided to print on those too! The group shot is below.

White Shirt



It obviously makes to look cooler when you wear one. So if you want one, they are $25! Contact one of us GDMA kids. 

UPDATE: Ok I lied. They are $20. Woo!




4 Responses to “My white tshirt, only better.”

  1. Make a type tee and you’ll have me all over it 😀

  2. any long sleeves available?

  3. 3 Esther

    These are really beautiful, great job!

  4. 4 Raine

    I love your modelling shot, Shineadala.
    Also, sign me up for a medium!

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