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Posted by: Raine I can’t believe I didn’t share the title sequence for Catch Me If You Can in my last post. This is one of my favourites. Designed by Kuntzel & Deygas of Add a Dog? a design firm in France. Their website is definitely worth checking out, as well. Advertisements

Posted by: Raine We all remember Marge’s class where she talked about title sequences. Something I’d really never put much thought in to before, I definitely now take the time to enjoy them. This site also appreciates a nice title sequence, fittingly called The Art of the Title Sequence. The nice part about this site […]

Posted by: Raine So I’m going to start featuring local talent on here because I think it’ll be cool, and the best part about blogging is that you guys are forced to read about what I think is cool regardless of whether or not you also think it’s cool. Our first artist is Whistler based, […]

nice type


Posted by: Raine Just found this portfolio on Behance and was delighted by some of the typography in it. Fun colours, fun shapes by Luis Vicente Hernandez. And its even cooler because it’s all in Spanish. Check it out: here’s his behance portfolio and here’s his site.

Just wanted to say happy holidays to you all from us 4th year GDMAers. We are happily snug at home right now with an extra 15 pounds of baking and home-cooked meals on us (if we’re lucky! which I definitely am). We hope that you are also enjoying yourselves and that your christmas or other […]

i want.


Posted by: Raine OH MY GOODNESS. I want this. Immediately. It would be so delightfully satisfying to pop once you completed a day, especially when if it was a particularly heinous day or one with a scary first date. via roadside scholar, find it for $29.99 at perpetual kid.

book art


Posted by: Raine Brian Dettmer creates fantastic book art. Some might even call them sculptures. His work is super detailed and technical and I can only imagine how many times he has cut himself with an exacto-knife. Check more stuff out here.