its time for holiday design!


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I love the holiday season. Maybe a little too much. It’s just that there’s something about lights and snow and cookies and copious amounts of home-cooked meals that makes it great. But I also love the emergence of ‘limited time only’ designs, like all of the coffee shops’ holiday cups, christmas Coca-Cola bottles, christmas tea packaging, and other assorted christmas designs.

Every year as a christmas tradition, Duffy & Partners designs a wine bottle and sends it out as a christmas gift to their clients. This year’s bottle is super cool. It’s also non-alcoholic. via the dieline.


I have also collected some of their other christmas designs from over the years, and because they have been sitting in my ‘nice packaging’ file since last year when I looked for them all, I am not able to accurately credit where I got them from. Sorry everyone. But here they are!


Here are some close ups:



(I’m assuming the above bottle says ‘bug’ on the back to make the phrase ‘humbug’).



I wish I owned these bottles. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the nice but not so aesthetically pleasing wine in my parent’s liquor cabinet (yes! I love going home! free wine!).


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