Paper Bagging NYC


Posted By: Nae

It’s amazing. Even when school is out and we have a three week long break, I am still feeling swamped. So swamped that I have been neglecting my blogging!  Well, I made some free time today and was clicking away on Behance and came across Monica Hernandez. She is a fine artist from Amsterdam (as it says on her Behance page) and travels all over in search of inspiration for her art work. What caught my eye in her portfolio was her piece entitled Unveiling NYC Project.

Paper-bags draw my NY skyline. They are the only things that all New Yorkers share under the same conditions without being a matter of gender, race or religion…All my drawings are born from a coffee stain, these stains remind me of politicians; of famous people, and of the people I see everyday walking in the streets.To create this series I recycled the paper-bags I found in the streets of NYC.For me the paper bags are a mirror of our society: they represent our double standards and moral as well as our waste of the natural resources.





This piece can be found on these websites:


One Response to “Paper Bagging NYC”

  1. Plastic bags would be the Vancouver equivalent.

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