The Queen in costume.


Posted By: Nae

I have been stashing this away, meaning to post it for a while now. A co-worker of mine, Jake Mees, has been defacing bank notes, $5’s and $20’s, to be exact in the most hilarious and creative way. I thought it was well suited for a design blog as this is something I have never seen before. Oh, and this is not illegal at all! Weird huh? He’s done some intense research in to it and has found out the illegal stuff involves defacing coins and replicating banknotes….but drawing on the notes themselves? No big deal! Sorry for the not so great quality photos, but regardless, here they are:



Blues Brothers





4 Responses to “The Queen in costume.”

  1. 1 Jary

    HAHAHAHA. that last one is priceless. i definitely haven’t seen that one before. there should be an exhibition for these. for seriously.

  2. 2 raineplayfair

    these are….PRICELESS! ohhhhhhh
    i want them all together so i can put up a big poster of them on my wall.

  3. 3 raineplayfair

    oh. i just approved jary’s comment and he already used the priceless joke. i feel less cool now.

  4. 4 Shinead

    This is my little way of exhibiting them!!

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