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Posted by: Timothy K. Check out these amazing postcards by illustrator Eric Tan for Pixar! Apparently these were done for the 2007 San Diego ComicCon. Looking further, Tan has also done similar projects for Pixar, including work on The Incredibles and Ratatouille! The colours and compositions are totally gorgeous. It’s a shame that these weren’t […]

Posted by: Raine I just found this beautiful little video that mixes two of my favourite things: books and stop-motion animation! It doesn’t get any better than that. The craft in this video is phenomenal, I’ve had to rewatch it a couple of times to fully appreciate the scenery and little details that one may […]

a winter note


Here’s my winter note to you all: If you have 5 flights of stairs to get to your house in Whistler and your roommate is on crutches, don’t leave shovelling the snow until it is 2 feet high and has turned into ice. Because as much as I don’t mind coming over and helping shovel, […]

Just wanted to say happy holidays to you all from us 4th year GDMAers. We are happily snug at home right now with an extra 15 pounds of baking and home-cooked meals on us (if we’re lucky! which I definitely am). We hope that you are also enjoying yourselves and that your christmas or other […]

i am le sad


Posted by: Raine Hello! So I was super excited the other day when I took my dog out for a walk because I took some nice wintery pictures. I came home, ready to share them with you all. Then I got distracted by dinner, and after, when went to grab my camera cord I realised […]