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Posted By: Nae I have been stashing this away, meaning to post it for a while now. A co-worker of mine, Jake Mees, has been defacing bank notes, $5’s and $20’s, to be exact in the most hilarious and creative way. I thought it was well suited for a design blog as this is something […]

Posted by: Raine We all remember Marge’s class where she talked about title sequences. Something I’d really never put much thought in to before, I definitely now take the time to enjoy them. This site also appreciates a nice title sequence, fittingly called The Art of the Title Sequence. The nice part about this site […]

Posted by: Raine So I’m going to start featuring local talent on here because I think it’ll be cool, and the best part about blogging is that you guys are forced to read about what I think is cool regardless of whether or not you also think it’s cool. Our first artist is Whistler based, […]

book art


Posted by: Raine Brian Dettmer creates fantastic book art. Some might even call them sculptures. His work is super detailed and technical and I can only imagine how many times he has cut himself with an exacto-knife. Check more stuff out here.

Posted by: Raine When I draw in pencil, it’s my goal to make things look as real as possible. Linda Huber has succeeded. Her work is fantastic. And she’s totally self-taught! Cool beans.

Posted by: Raine More brown paper bags! This time, though, they actually hold lunches. Check t the cool lunch bag art by a Tumblrer dad who draws his kids amazing lunch bags each day on his own lunch break. I wish I had someone to draw me lunch bags. He must be the coolest dad […]

Posted By: Nae It’s amazing. Even when school is out and we have a three week long break, I am still feeling swamped. So swamped that I have been neglecting my blogging!  Well, I made some free time today and was clicking away on Behance and came across Monica Hernandez. She is a fine artist […]