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Shepard Fairey was on Charlie Rose’s Real Talk on Monday. They go into his influence on the Obama campaign, and then some of his past politically driven work. I really can’t say anything negative about this man’s work, nothing but love here. Go check it out. Advertisements

Posted by: Nae So I am officially out of holiday hiatus. It’s a good thing we have Raine to keep the momentum going on the Blaahg! Here is a little something from Saks. They recently re-branded and I think we should get out our furry Russian hats and celebrate the fantastic design. The re-branding was […]

nice type


Posted by: Raine Just found this portfolio on Behance and was delighted by some of the typography in it. Fun colours, fun shapes by Luis Vicente Hernandez. And its even cooler because it’s all in Spanish. Check it out: here’s his behance portfolio and here’s his site.

i want.


Posted by: Raine OH MY GOODNESS. I want this. Immediately. It would be so delightfully satisfying to pop once you completed a day, especially when if it was a particularly heinous day or one with a scary first date. via roadside scholar, find it for $29.99 at perpetual kid.



Posted by: Raine Originally from here, but then found here, these are amazing ads that are apparently on the seat trays of Malaysian Airlines! Sweet! I especially love the rockclimbing one. Maybe it’s because rock climbing in Thailand actually looks like that, although you’d be in shorts instead of pants because its too hot in […]

Posted by: Raine, via Under Consideration’s Brand New A new book that I absolutely must own! But with my current lack of finances, maybe I’ll just settle for sneaking a peek at in the bookstore. (Although at $17.33 on it’s actually super affordable!) The Under Consideration guys (Byrony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit) have put […]

Posted by: Raine, via I love the holiday season. Maybe a little too much. It’s just that there’s something about lights and snow and cookies and copious amounts of home-cooked meals that makes it great. But I also love the emergence of ‘limited time only’ designs, like all of the coffee shops’ holiday cups, christmas […]