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Posted By: Nae I have been stashing this away, meaning to post it for a while now. A co-worker of mine, Jake Mees, has been defacing bank notes, $5’s and $20’s, to be exact in the most hilarious and creative way. I thought it was well suited for a design blog as this is something […]

Posted by: Raine Hello all! So I’ve settled back into my place in the city and am sorely missing the powdery white stuff that coats the trees (and trucks, for that matter) at home. But being back in Van does mean that I have my camera cord, which means I can share a couple of […]

a winter note


Here’s my winter note to you all: If you have 5 flights of stairs to get to your house in Whistler and your roommate is on crutches, don’t leave shovelling the snow until it is 2 feet high and has turned into ice. Because as much as I don’t mind coming over and helping shovel, […]

i want.


Posted by: Raine OH MY GOODNESS. I want this. Immediately. It would be so delightfully satisfying to pop once you completed a day, especially when if it was a particularly heinous day or one with a scary first date. via roadside scholar, find it for $29.99 at perpetual kid.

too tired


Posted by: Raine Amazing. via Cuteoverload

Posted by: Raine More brown paper bags! This time, though, they actually hold lunches. Check t the cool lunch bag art by a Tumblrer dad who draws his kids amazing lunch bags each day on his own lunch break. I wish I had someone to draw me lunch bags. He must be the coolest dad […]

i am le sad


Posted by: Raine Hello! So I was super excited the other day when I took my dog out for a walk because I took some nice wintery pictures. I came home, ready to share them with you all. Then I got distracted by dinner, and after, when went to grab my camera cord I realised […]