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Shepard Fairey was on Charlie Rose’s Real Talk on Monday. They go into his influence on the Obama campaign, and then some of his past politically driven work. I really can’t say anything negative about this man’s work, nothing but love here. Go check it out. Advertisements

Posted By: Nae It’s amazing. Even when school is out and we have a three week long break, I am still feeling swamped. So swamped that I have been neglecting my blogging!  Well, I made some free time today and was clicking away on Behance and came across Monica Hernandez. She is a fine artist […]



Posted by: Raine Here’s another thing I’m going to do to Vancouver while in my ninja outfit… reverse graffiti! This concept fascinates me. Partially because it looks so stunning but mostly I think because it makes you realise how much grit and grime is coated over cities. But I love that there are people out […]

Posted by: Raine Check out these cool storm drains! I wish we had stuff like this in Vancouver. It would make our frequent rainy days a little more tolerable. The ‘famous artist’ drains made me laugh, too. And I didn’t add it as a pic below, because I’m sure you’ve all seen it already, but […]

Posted by: Nae Mark Jenkins is a street/experimental artist who specializes in tape sculptures. He figured out how cool tape sculptures could be as a kid and ever since then has been taping things up, molding and causing a stir with his tape babies, tape people, tape animals and other such tape things. There is […]

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Posted by: Raine (Sorry for the lack of posts, we really got lost in schoolwork this past week!) Check out this remarkable installation by Kumi Yamashita from Japan. This blew my mind a little. Check out some of her other work, too. She does some great portraits made with rubbings (remember when you used to […]

Posted by: Timothy K. Yet another post on the hijinks of the Graffiti Research Lab. The laser projection system developed by the GRL (which I blogged about earlier) has been modified to “interact with the surfaces upon which they are projected.” Click on the image to check it out! If you have a chance, you […]