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Posted by: Raine I just found this beautiful little video that mixes two of my favourite things: books and stop-motion animation! It doesn’t get any better than that. The craft in this video is phenomenal, I’ve had to rewatch it a couple of times to fully appreciate the scenery and little details that one may […]



Posted by: Raine Just found this great little animated music video by Wyld Stallyons, a UK direction/animation studio. This is seriously amazing – check out all different camera angles and focuses (foci?). And the vibratey effect. Warning though- your heart may break for the little blue guy. I definitely watched this a couple times over. […]

Posted by: Raine I can’t believe I didn’t share the title sequence for Catch Me If You Can in my last post. This is one of my favourites. Designed by Kuntzel & Deygas of Add a Dog? a design firm in France. Their website is definitely worth checking out, as well.

Posted by: Raine We all remember Marge’s class where she talked about title sequences. Something I’d really never put much thought in to before, I definitely now take the time to enjoy them. This site also appreciates a nice title sequence, fittingly called The Art of the Title Sequence. The nice part about this site […]

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Posted by: Raine Amazing. via Cuteoverload

Posted by: Raine Previously Posted by: Shinead UPDATE: I thought this looked familiar. Shinead definitely posted this a while back. That’s how well my brain is working right now. Well, seeing as we will have some time to do stuff over the holidays, maybe start thinking about the amazing awards you will win from the┬áD&AD […]



Posted by: Raine Here’s another thing I’m going to do to Vancouver while in my ninja outfit… reverse graffiti! This concept fascinates me. Partially because it looks so stunning but mostly I think because it makes you realise how much grit and grime is coated over cities. But I love that there are people out […]