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Posted by: Raine Here’s another thing I’m going to do to Vancouver while in my ninja outfit… reverse graffiti! This concept fascinates me. Partially because it looks so stunning but mostly I think because it makes you realise how much grit and grime is coated over cities. But I love that there are people out […]

Posted by: Raine Check out these cool storm drains! I wish we had stuff like this in Vancouver. It would make our frequent rainy days a little more tolerable. The ‘famous artist’ drains made me laugh, too. And I didn’t add it as a pic below, because I’m sure you’ve all seen it already, but […]

never forget…


Posted by: Raine I realise that there is a lot of controversy about this little guy, as the original tagger has been ripped off and is having his tag sold as t-shirts, mugs, etc., online all over, but I was thinking about Granville Island the other day (kudos to Cristy for giving me a lift […]



I decided to peel my eyes away from my computer and attach them to Tim’s for a few minutes to watch this amazing piece of work that one of our beloved profs Keith shared with us today: MUTO. It is stop animation graffiti and it is sick. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount […]



So in whisking my way across cyberspace this afternoon I came across Daim, German graffiti extraordinaire. Unfortunately, his site is in flash, so I can’t link to anything in particular there, but there are definitely some things worth checking out, in my opinion. Some of his stuff: Although originally I visited because he does cool […]