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Posted by: Raine I am a little bit in love with these 51 japanese characters by Peter Machat. He doesn’t seem to have a seperate website from this one, so if you’re looking for more of his work you will be disappointed, but I definitely think his characters are fun and exciting and will be […]

Shigeo Fukuda


Posted by: Timothy K. After Raine had posted about shadow pictures, it reminded me of another artist/designer from Japan named Shigeo Fukuda. I guess they like their shadows. This last image is a bunch of junk that at the right angle, looks like a piano in a window! Shigeo Fukuda is also known for his […]

shadow pictures


Posted by: Raine (Sorry for the lack of posts, we really got lost in schoolwork this past week!) Check out this remarkable installation by Kumi Yamashita from Japan. This blew my mind a little. Check out some of her other work, too. She does some great portraits made with rubbings (remember when you used to […]