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Posted by: Nae So I am officially out of holiday hiatus. It’s a good thing we have Raine to keep the momentum going on the Blaahg! Here is a little something from Saks. They recently re-branded and I think we should get out our furry Russian hats and celebrate the fantastic design. The re-branding was […]

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Posted by: Raine Just found this portfolio on Behance and was delighted by some of the typography in it. Fun colours, fun shapes by Luis Vicente Hernandez. And its even cooler because it’s all in Spanish. Check it out: here’s his behance portfolio and here’s his site.

Posted by: Raine I was perusing my today and came across this business card blog that I had obviously bookmarked somewhere along the line. I almost feel like the best part is the title… OMG It Even Has a Watermark! Here are a few of my favourites: Anyway, it seems like it’s a relatively […]

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Posted by: Nae I came across Egor Bashakov, a designer on Behance. His piece/installation House of cards blew me away! This is a small example of his excellent use of clean typography with patterning to create an over sized deck of cards based on social aspects of life.    15 cards made of cardboard and vinyl adhesive; […]

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Posted by: Raine So I know there are some of you out there who love cupcakes. And sometimes you buy a cupcake on your break at work, but by the time you get it back to your office or your dish pit (lets be honest here, how many of us students actually work in an […]

Posted by: Timothy K. Here’s the rest of the process, showing the finished print. For details, see Part 1 of this process. Washing out the second screen. In my bathroom.   Loading the paper, still using the 3-point registration from the earlier part of the printing.   Printing.   Finished print being pulled off press. […]