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Posted by: Nae So I am officially out of holiday hiatus. It’s a good thing we have Raine to keep the momentum going on the Blaahg! Here is a little something from Saks. They recently re-branded and I think we should get out our furry Russian hats and celebrate the fantastic design. The re-branding was […]

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Posted by: Raine Just found this portfolio on Behance and was delighted by some of the typography in it. Fun colours, fun shapes by Luis Vicente Hernandez. And its even cooler because it’s all in Spanish. Check it out: here’s his behance portfolio and here’s his site.

Posted By: Nae Exciting news!! As I was casually surfing the internet this evening I came across this book that some of us would like to add to our libraries. When I saw it I totally jumped out of my seat and got really excited. Then I sat back down, realizing what a geek I […]

I hope you read that in a robot voice. If not, read it over. We love you but we want your input. Cheers, GDMA 4th years

Posted by: Timothy K. Here’s the rest of the process, showing the finished print. For details, see Part 1 of this process. Washing out the second screen. In my bathroom.   Loading the paper, still using the 3-point registration from the earlier part of the printing.   Printing.   Finished print being pulled off press. […]

Posted by: Timothy K. Here is the photographic documentation of the printing of a poster for our GDMAOhNine fundraising effort. Screenprinted black on black, the poster features large and funky 3D lettering that states, “open your eyes.” The cool thing is that in certain lighting, you can’t see the print at all, but at certain […]

Type Beautiful.


Posted by: Nae Björn Johansson, who I came across on Behance, is a designer in Stockholm who has some amazing typography concepts. His Handwritten typeface was what caught my eye. It’s done completely by hand…well, hands. Simply marvelous! I Highly reccommend visiting his website to see his other work.     Heres what it looks […]